Jeff Rutt Has Helped In Removing Poverty with His Contribution November 12, 2013 at 10:13 pm


Jeff Rutt has created his company, which is called Keystone Custom Homes Inc. So far, this company has been recognized thrice by Builder’s Magazine as Best Home Builder. In the year 2008, the company also received Health stone award. For his various pioneering service for the poor people, this is treated as life time award for his achievement. The estimate value of the award is $200,000. In addition to managing his own organization, he has also contributed as President in Lancaster Building Association. Many times he has acted as chairman of the board meetings.
He founded the well known organization HOPE in the year 1997, which works on no profit basis. HOPE is involved with a number of charitable and social activities. Few of the major activities of HOPE are in following areas:
• HOPE provides microloans in number of developing nations to remove poverty
• HOPE also helps many entrepreneurs to set up business.
• It also supports various small businesses for their growth and expansion.
HOPE is a well known organization, which is committed to remove poverty from the world and hence they take number of actions, which can provide long lasting solution in this direction. Presently, HOPE is working in 13 countries and has created a client base of approximately 200,000 numbers, which exists all over the world. When the industry with the help of HOPE attains the financial independence, the profits so generated from their business are distributed to many of the Christ -centered ministries meant for the children of that region.
Jeff Rutt works on the principle of teachings of Bible where he puts lots of emphasis on positive attitude and perseverance. He likes to wok passionately for the poor and needy people. All his good work that he has contributed to the society is dedicated in the name of Jesus Christ.
At present Jeff Rutt is a Chairman of HOPE International’s Board of Trustees and this organization was also established with his efforts. He worked as a dairy farmer for a period of ten years, before he became the President of his company, which is called Keystone Custom Homes. In the Pennsylvania, his business growth was very fast. In this area, his company has constructed about 2700 homes and is quite famous as a leading builder.
All his works in the area of international ministry where he worked for microfinance are based on gospel. According to him all the activities of HOPE in microfinance field can really help people and also change their life. This will not only help them physically, but also spiritually too. With all his efforts, he believes this will provide them permanent solution to get rid of their poverty and live a respectful life.

Jeff Rutt: The Known Philanthropist September 12, 2013 at 10:01 pm



Jeff Rutt is one among those who are putting their hands together for the development of the country. Any country is called developed if the population is not homeless. But there are only few who understood the real meaning of developing a country. You may find many charitable institutions fighting for the cause of the country. Among all these institutions there is one that is supporting people not to be homeless in a country. They are working to provide accommodation to the people. Jeff Rutt is the founder of HOPE international. It is a charitable institution which is fighting against the poverty in the country.
Today, Jeff Rutt is a well-known name among the social workers with and his institution has also gained good will and reputation in the society. Rutt’s HOPE international is a microfinance organization which was able to change the life of many across the world. The main of this institution is to provide solution to poverty in the country. The home building is one basic thing that is taken care by this institution. It is a very important activity for the development of a nation. For these extraordinary activities by this particular institution, it has been appreciated a lot among the people. Also many honoured him for his contribution to the social cause.
The Chief Executive officer of the Key Custom Home, Jeff Rutt is with a very different approach towards the social cause of the country. Custom Home is a house building company that has its head office in the Lancaster Country of Pennsylvania. This is particular institutions are known by the population of the country because of its contribution towards the nation. It is always very important for a country to eradicate poverty and for that cause these institutions are taking the head and leading the country towards development.
Due to all the good work towards the society, Jeff Rutt has been affiliated by many prestigious awards. It is truly the remarkable works done by the charitable institution that has contributed a lot for the development of the country. The philanthropist activities done by Mr. Jeff is worth mentioning. Today a country really needs the contribution of such people to turn towards development. All the social contributions by the charitable institution occupy an important place towards the development of the country. There is much information available on this particular topic in the net. Know him today to find out the great contribution to the social cause.

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